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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

SSI Mini Grants


Scientist Solutions is awarding Student Project
Indian Students Only)

ScientistSolutions.com is awarding mini-project
grants for up to 8 students who are currently enrolled in a Masters Degree
program in the biological sciences at an accredited University or Research
Institute in India.

The Awards

Awards should be utilized by Indian students to perform research towards
their degree program or to complete a summer research project. The maximum
grant awarded to an individual will be $100 (US). Topics for research can
be from any of the categories found on the ScientistSolutions.com
discussion boards

applicants supported by the Scientist Solutions Student Project Grant
(SSSPG) must be counseled and guided by a senior investigator interested in
the conduct and progress of their research project. Accordingly, all
applicants must provide evidence of their enrollment in a Masters Degree
program (Scanned Copy of Student Identity Card) and statements of support
from a principal investigator in whose lab the research will be

Review Criteria Evaluation of the submitted proposals will be
performed by the Moderators of ScientistSolutions.com. All decisions
of the reviewing Moderators will be final. Applicants should never
contact the Moderators regarding their applications. Discussing
scientific content of the application or attempting to influence review
outcome will constitute a conflict of interest in the review and the
application will not be considered further.

Payment Recipients of the
award will receive 50% of the award at the start of the project and 50% on
completion of a research summary of the work which will be published as a
Featured Blog on ScientistSolutions.com.

Application deadline All
applications must be received at grants@scientistsolutions.com

by 12:00 midnight IST (UTC+5:30) on December 10th 2009.

to download application form.

For more details,
please contact:
Mr. A. Amarnath,
Director – India,

Scientist Solutions Inc.

Email: amarnath@scientistsolutions.com

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Scientist Solutions is India's Life Science Headquarters!
Now we are offering a special iTouch contest to our members from India.

To enter, simply visit scientistsolutions via this email (Click here, or on link above) and
login with your username and password (or register if you are not already a member).
Once you've done this, you are automatically placed on a list of contestants.

To be eligible to win the iTouch, you need only have completed the following additional
activities on or before July 31, 2009

• Register (If you are a new member)
• Post in any forum
• Start your own blog
• Click on five Ads
• Complete your My Bench Space profile (at minimum, upload your picture and fill about
My Research)

Forward this email to a colleague
If you have any questions about our new rewards program, please direct your inquiries to:
A.Amarnath, Director - India
Scientist Solutions, Inc.